EIRIK FAUSKE (1982) is a Norwegian performing artist. He works as a dramatist and director. Fauske graduated with a master’s degree in directing from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2017, and also has an acting degree from Nord University in 2002. He has written and directed several plays, including LINDÅS and LIVE – Sorgarbeid. His text “Under barnehagen” was nominated for Ibsenprisen in 2011 and has been staged several times in Germany.

Last year the theatre production company YMIST staged his rewritten version of Draumkvedet, and he wrote a play for Den Unge Scenen.

Currently working on a site specific theatre trip with premiere at theatre festivals in Lofoten, Hølen, and Fjaler in 2019, and is also festival artist at Høstscena i Ålesund 2019.


eirikfauske@gmail.com l +47 99 60 32 62

Foto: Erika Hebbert